We were so relieved to get back  from our much awaited trip to Bali to find the business in the same state that we handed it over to you in! We've been locked in to it for 5 years without a decent break together.

With the kids out of the country there was nobody that we could rely on or trust to open up on time and to keep the show on track. 

Thanks for the peace of mind while we were away and we will remember you for next time.

Stan and Marg, Cannington



Hello Businessminders,

What a shock we got when Geoffrey was suddenly carted off to hospital and we didnt know who to contact to take over the agency.I have never had much to do with his business so it was a great relief when our accountant suggested that we contact you to step in for a while. Its been three weeks now and he is doing fine so you may be out of a job soon!

Rosemary M., Belmont WA



Im writing to thank you again for minding the business  for the past 2 months  prior to its sale following my husbands death.Thank goodness we were able to sell it as an ongoing business without interruption to the clients or the staff. The new owners seem pleased with their acquisition and I hope that they have the same success with it that we have had since we started it in the late 1990s. The handover went smoothly and everybody seems to be quite happy.

Lucia S, Morley 



As you know we are a small accounting practice with many small/medium clients

And when our clients face a crisis such as such as sudden illness or marital breakup or some other disaster we simply do not have the resources to step in to their businesses on a daily basis to keep them going for extended periods .

We too have our daily work commitments and cant be away for any length of time.Its nice to know that we have a  reliable contact who  if free can step in for  a while and the client is happy that we keep a watching brief too!

Mario P and Associates, Fremantle.