To make a successful sale,sellers should try to view the process from the buyer's position as different thoughts run through the minds of intending sellers and prospective buyers.If you anticipate the questions,concerns and issues that a buyer may have, then you maximise the chance of a successful sale.

From the Sellers Perspective

  • How will I let the marketplace know that my business is for sale?
  • Which target market will I pitch the sale to?
  • How much information about my business should I disclose?
  • How much should I ask for?
  • How low will I go on price?
  • What exactly do I want  from this sale?

From the Buyers Perspective

  • How will I go about finding out what businesses are for sale?
  • Should I buy this business?
  • Is it too risky?
  • How much information about the business can I get?
  • How much should I offer?
  • How high can I afford to go in price?

Know your Buyers

  • Different people buy businesses for different reasons.Does your business offer what potential buyers might be looking for?
  • Most commonly a buyer is looking for the ability to earn a good living from the operation plus the freedom and challenges that come with owning a business.
  • Alternatively the buyer might be an investor and so the profitability and rate of return will be the key element in the sale.

You might see opportunity in selling to a competitor who wishes to increase the size of their operation.If a number of competitors are looking to corner the market, your business may suddenly become highly prized!

Knowing how potential buyers think will help you position the business and highlight its outstanding attributes.

Positioning the Business For Sale

  • By knowing prospective buyers,you can position the business in a way that appeals to them.
  • This is the marketing exercise you do to make the business stand out for the potential purchaser.
  • The positioning exercise can start by promoting unique aspects of the business or special conditions.
  • For example if a restaurant is being sold and the only interested parties are would be operators without experience,their uncertainty can be alleviated if the seller promotes their offer to stay on in the business for some time after the sale.
  • Make use of relevant professionals to improve your business for sale.For instance get an expert to check your financials and a lawyer to check your
  • Contracts and legal issues. A more professional image makes the sale simpler and increases the chance of a sale.

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