12 Reasons why you should use a Registered Business Broker

1 Business Brokers sell over 95% of all businesses.Why?

                                             With skilfull marketing they find buyers,negotiate and close deals.

                                             This gets you the best price in the shortest possible time.

2 Brokers have Lists of Interested Buyers. A private seller does not.

3 Brokers Create Competition amongst Buyers.

                                               About 50% of buyers come via the internet. But brokers have lots of other

                                               business sources to find buyers to compete on price to get the best results.

4 Brokers Know the Market. They deal daily with buyers and sellers,Private sellers dont.

                                              Brokers have to work on the deal long after the  sale is made

                                              and sort out any problems.

5 Brokers have Negotiating Skills.This is vitally important.

                                               Most sellers are emotional about selling their business.

                                               They may have unrealistic expectations and limited negotiating skills.

6 Brokers are Experienced. They have hundreds of sales and know all the pitfalls.

                                             Most private sellers have never been through the process before.

7 You do not Save Money.   There is no evidence that  selling privately saves money.

                                             Brokers through their marketing skills will price the business properly

                                             and attract genuine buyers and get a higher price.

8 Brokers have lots of Websites. Not only their own but many others to sell businesses.

                                              They will skilfully write appealing postings and process all responses.

                                              This will save everyone time by cutting out "tyre kickers" and nosey competitors.

9 Brokers Assist with Finance. Many Buyers need assistance with finance.

                                                Plenty of deals fail at the end due to insufficient finance.

                                                Brokers have excellent contacts with Banks and Finance Brokers.

                                                This ensures a smooth conclusion to the deal.

10 Brokers have no Conflict of Interest. Many buyers dont want to deal directly with Sellers.

                                              They like to negotiate with an experienced third party to avoid conflict.

11 Buyers Remorse.             The deal is not done until the money is in the bank! Many Buyers get remorse.

                                              Brokers know how to handle this, Private sellers do not.

                                              They know how to manage this and all the steps right up to settlement.

12 Sellers Stress .                Selling your business after many years can be very stressful. Why not avoid this?

                                              An expert Broker will help you navigate the sale and make it an exciting experience.

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